A Persian delight; boneless breast of chicken, marinated in onions, lemon juice and saffron, seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled over open fire, served with grilled tomatoes and basmati rice.



house specialty lamb shank

A lamb shank seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and saffron,slowly cooked in its own natural juice to perfection, served with saffron basmati rice and side salad.


daily Specials

  • Lamb and chicken kababs, varieties of stews


    slow brewed tea and coffee
  • Sweets

    homemade desert
  • Soups

    Iranian soups and appetizers.

weekend specials

Grilled Salmon or chicken served with rice or fresh vegetables.


Fresh homemade bread

Varieties of fresh homemade pita ,french baguette or hand tossed Iranian bread.